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artist and entrepreneur

Born and raised in rural NH, Sarah Turmel decided to move away to pursue a Bachelor's in Fine Arts at Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. Only after one year did she decide it wasn't the place for her and she made the move to Alfred, New York to engage in the extensive ceramic program offered at the New York State College of Ceramics in Alfred University. From there she spent some time living in Buffalo, where she met many amazing and talented artists and friends who now make up the Mariner Art Collective, which Sarah is a part of.

Sarah has spent all her life dabbling in as many different art media as she could get her hands on, but ceramics has become her one true love. Specifically large sculptural vessels have her heart. She also dabbles in photography extensively from time to time, and currently sells screen-printed illustrations on apparel as the sole-proprietor of Quimby Arts (sarshaha). Likewise she loves being involved in the local music scene, often creating marketing materials and content for bands eager to do business with her.

While committing a great deal of her time to art, Sarah is also an avid gardener and enjoys spending her time in nature. She is currently studying French and Japanese in the hopes of being trilingual one day, and she enjoys a good horror story if you have one to tell. One day she'd love to own her own art-collective style store with a small venue space attached for various events and music performances. She wants to create a space that facilitates community involvement with the arts in a fun, inclusive, and beneficial way. If ever anyone has a question or wants to chat about her work, feel free to contact Sarah via the contact page !


me and my son lol

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