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skills to pay the bills

I try to be decently well-rounded.

I've held a couple different graphic design jobs in the past:

  • Headwaters Studios -- took listing photos and designed various logos to be used on products.

  • Alfred University's Center for Student Involvement -- created advertisement materials for events such as posters, handouts, tickets, and a logo for our large act event.

I also take design commissions on occasion ! I won't post photos here since they're owned by my clients but you can find images on social media. I've done:

  • album cover artwork for local NH band Bus Stop Hill, as well as local singer/songwriter Liz Ridgely.

  • various concert posters and marketing materials for NH-based bands including but not limited to Sneaky Miles, Love Canal, Bus Stop Hill, Dog Lips, and Annie Cheevers. I've also worked with the Drift Collective's Art House to create their entire summer series' collection of show posters. Local radio station WSCA has hired me for poster work as well.

  • shirt and logo designs for merchandise printed by the Boston-based band Mom Rock.

  • screen-printed merch for NH rock legends Love Canal.

  • The restaurant Street commissioned me to paint a table top for their Exeter location (go check it out, it's a map of the town featuring ghosts and aliens and the like).

  • a poetry book cover design for local emerging New England poet Caroline Lavoie.

  • a whole array of ceramic commissions ranging from cups to custom flower pots to cake platters to teapots... just about anything my clients dream up.

  • personal painting commissions

  • tattoo designs

I used to do a fair amount of installation based sculptural work as well so I have experience with welding, wood shop machinery, mold-making, casting, and even glass-blowing.

Likewise I've been involved in some show planning, specifically at Alfred University as the chairman for small music acts. I proposed, organized, coordinated, and ran an all-day long music festival on what became known as Not Dog Day in the community. This occurred during the covid-19 pandemic in a way that kept both the public and performers safe. At the same time I also had organized and held a community-wide art sale that ran for two days in a row and saw a lot of foot traffic.

I also volunteer with Wrong Brain a whole ton; I organized their annual December gallery show in 2022 as well as hosted a night of punk music.

In addition I coordinated live music at the NHAA in the past.

I'm also good with garden plants.

And vegetables.

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